Fidget’ten Gympregnation

How can they be so narrow-minded?! I asked myself, slamming the door of my laboratory.

It was probably the stupid Ethics Committee, the perennial enemy of real scientific progress. And just when we were on the verge of a breakthrough! For three years

I had recently completed a prototype of a project I had been working on, but it was all going to go down the drain. I would have to take matters into my own hands and do it the old-fashioned way, with an “informal” field test. If I succeeded, I could use the results to secure independent funding, but the sources of that funding would probably not be very legitimate. My project was a completely original idea: a formula to increase libido and fertility in both men and women, aimed at couples who were having difficulty conceiving or were uninterested in sex due to hormonal imbalances. The more muscle mass the drug has to work on the male subject, the greater the effects, so the most sensitive and accessible place for testing would be a local gym where the muscular subject could choose from a selection of available women. To ensure that mating would occur, I amplified the effects of the formula far beyond what would ultimately happen in practice and adjusted the chemistry to increase aggression in males and submission in females. I also needed to make sure that pregnancy occurred to guarantee conception in the final product,

I was therefore confident that the formula would both disable any hormonal birth control and trigger strong maternal instincts in the impregnated female. When I was sure that the formula would make copulation irresistible for both men and women, I took a dose in a bottle and headed for the gym. I liked to stay in shape, knowing that a healthy mind requires a healthy body, and so I knew that my toned physique of mid-20s in a sports bra and workout leggings would fit right in among the gym’s clientele. Just as any other potential member would, I walked in and surveyed the room as I was handed a one-day trial card. I immediately noticed one of the trainers, a man comically bulging with a truly ridiculous amount of muscle, walking around with an open container of protein shake – a perfect target.

The formula had a lot of mass to work with and the exertion of frequent weight lifting would both catalyze changes in his body and increase sweat production, the main way his powerful new pheromones were released into the air. The women around him would inhale these special pheromones that quickly triggered submission, infatuation and powerful physical arousal. Meanwhile, his testosterone levels would greatly increase, his semen production would skyrocket, and he would find that the women around him became much harder to resist, while at the same time he himself became less inclined to resist them.

I wandered aimlessly around the gym, slowly making my way towards his ridiculous figure, and then cautiously poured the contents of the bottle into his glass while he corrected the shape of another client. The formula was almost tasteless, so he shouldn’t have noticed it under the artificial flavors in the protein shake. I smiled to myself, realizing that he should thank me for the mind-blowing, uninhibited sex he was about to unwittingly have.

A few minutes later she had finished shaking, although not very wisely. It would take about five minutes for her body to start producing her irresistible new pheromones, so I hid myself in a row behind one of the leg press machines to record the experiment so far.

“Excuse me,” was the next thing I heard and, startled from taking notes, I looked up at the face of the trainer I had just dosed.

It was a sad but unavoidable fact of nature that my own biochemistry belonged to a young, sexually mature woman, which ensured that my body’s physical response to the trainer’s altered pheromones would be as strong as that of any other woman in the gym. I was very confident in my ability to recognize and resist the feelings of infatuation and submission, even if I was exposed to them, but it was still better to avoid it for the sake of the experiment.

“Yes?” I replied sharply, trying to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

“Oh sorry!” he said, surprised by my frankness but recovered with a relaxed smile. “I just wanted to know what you were doing hiding here.” From underneath his cologne, I could smell the pungent odor of his sweat from working all day.

“Oh, just taking some notes for my training,” I replied nonchalantly. Why doesn’t he leave anymore?

“Oh, I get it. It’s okay, it looked like you were hiding from someone and I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” He was so thoughtful! I was glad I chose such a nice man for my experience. He would definitely be interested in the girl he had trapped with his heady musky scent. Lucky girl, I thought, as I took a second look at her body. I had been too harsh in my first assessment; his muscles gave him a dominant aura that was always attractive in a man.

Not wanting to disturb me further, he moved to stand up and I suddenly felt ashamed of my initial rudeness. After all, he had done nothing wrong. “Wait!” I yelled unexpectedly and a little too loudly.

“Yes?” He turned back and gave me a great view of his bulging bicep. Wow, I could really see why I had chosen him for this test. His arms were thick and strong, just the sort of thing you would want wrapped around your body as he held you down. I blushed a little at such a dirty thought, where had that come from?

In any case, I had to say something. “Oh, I just wanted to apologize for being hard on you. I was focused on what I was writing and you surprised me.” What was I writing? Yeah, notes on the test. Right in front of me is the test subject I need to get away from as soon as possible.

He leaned over me and I sighed with unexpected relief as I once again filled my nose with his pungent scent of sweat, which finally set off alarm bells in the back of my head.

I was now realizing that my body was already reacting to the pheromone cocktail he was emitting. I hadn’t expected it to work so fast or so strongly, I thought, as my desire to stay here and keep smelling this increasingly attractive man grew. But I remembered, because that was exactly how I had designed the formula, I didn’t expect that I would be the one at risk of falling under his influence. Nevertheless, it was excellent data.

I realized to myself that exposed women quickly exhibit signs of falling in love, I was still trying to resist the effects of the sour mischief filling my nostrils, but then I felt a constriction in my chest as my nipples suddenly hardened against my sports bra from my efforts. And physical arousal, I added sarcastically. So much for trying to resist the effects – in stark contrast to my mind, my body was completely at the mercy of his growing virility and was beginning to react whether I wanted it to or not.

“Yes, don’t worry,” he said reassuringly. “I see. Is this your first time here?”

I saw her eyes shift momentarily to the perky breasts that filled my tight B-cups and I felt myself gasp slightly with excitement at the attention, knowing that she could see my nipples peeking through the thin fabric. Nevertheless, I meticulously took the time to make an additional mental note: The subject began to focus on the sex characteristics of nearby potential mates. The subject was probably finding potential mates increasingly sexually attractive and might even be considering sexual intercourse. I shuddered with pleasure at this last thought, still inhaling the strong masculinity of his scent, and felt a tingling start between my thighs as my vagina began to lubricate, clearly thinking about having intercourse.

As tempting as it was to sit and take notes in the charming presence of the trainer, I knew that if I didn’t do something soon, if I didn’t somehow shift his attention to another goal for his love, the situation could quickly spiral out of control. I couldn’t feel it, but my body was probably starting to produce my altered sex hormones in response to his, and soon they would overwhelm and disable my hormonal IUD. After all, my formula was designed to make me submissive, in love and fertile, and I knew that if the handsome trainer somehow released his sperm into my vagina, I could ovulate at any moment, putting me at serious risk of getting pregnant. When the test was over, I made a mental note to change my IUD.

All the while his body would be busy pumping testosterone into his system, increasing semen production and sperm motility, and increasing his aggression, dominance and sexual desire. In short, he would soon have a throbbing erection and a great need to relieve this tension by filling the nearest receptive cunt with his genetic information. I tried to ignore how close, willing and receptive my pussy felt at that moment, but I continued to sit there anyway and savored the pleasant tingling that was slowly growing between my thighs for a few more seconds. Meanwhile my sensitive body continued to obey the seductive, productive instructions I had hidden in the stench of her body odor.

“Yeah, I thought I’d try here first. Let’s see if the view is worth it,” I replied flirtatiously and gave him an obvious wink followed by a mischievous little wink. Uh-uh. Openly flirting not only showed how strongly attracted I was, but also advertised my sexual interest and invited him to reciprocate in kind.

Of course he asked, “Well, do you like what you see?” and flexed his huge muscles, causing my pussy to gush and contract almost out of need. His god pecs and abs were delicious. I could barely stop myself from moving my hands up and down the front of his body. And he smelled so good, so masculine. Would it really be so bad to let him slide his penis inside me, even for a minute? I could give in to my passion for his sexy body for a while and let him succumb to the urge to enter my alluring little pussy a few times. Then all I had to do was ignore my body’s instinct to let him cum inside me, overcome my growing submissiveness and ask my testosterone laced Adonis to please exit my slick, silky vagina before I inevitably lost control and flooded my fertile reproductive system with his eager little swimmers… Ah . It seemed so absurd that such life-changing consequences could result from such a natural and desirable act.

Suddenly everything seemed very tempting.

My increasingly graphic imaginings made it clear that I had made a big mistake in assuming that I could resist the effects of the formula, and as my face and chest flushed with the force of my physical excitement I felt my skin getting hotter and hotter, especially now that it was clearly returning my attention. My nipples were almost painfully hard against my itchy sports bra, stimulating them further and increasing my arousal even more. The tingling in my groin became insistent and I had to squeeze my thighs to get some relief. It was becoming increasingly difficult to think clearly. As his eyes roamed more and more shamelessly over my body, I knew I was grinning like a stupid girl in love at this point but I couldn’t stop myself. YOU MUST RUN AWAY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Only then did he lift his leg over the machine next to me and I was suddenly face to face with his growing cock, every vein clearly visible through his tight compression shorts as it grew longer and longer.

I breathed loudly, it was perfect. I squirmed with anticipation, knowing that at any moment the monster would burst inside me. It was inevitable. This was destiny.Not wanting to be left behind, I arched my back and started to stick my chest out for his evaluation. I knew I shouldn’t but I also knew I had nice breasts and for some reason his approval suddenly seemed very important. He must have been pleased with them, because his nostrils flared as his breathing deepened even more and his muscles tensed to get more blood flowing to his thick dick. I turned my gaze once more to his glistening body while continuing to take deep breaths of his pungent, hypnotic scent. My mind was suddenly filled with alluring images of him restraining me with those strong arms, forcing me to accept that thick cock over and over again, and I knew I didn’t have much time left. But staying thereIt was so beautiful, letting his musky scent wash over me and make me even hornier. I may be a scientist but I was quickly learning that I was also a woman, a very aroused woman who needed to be ruthlessly subdued and physically dominated by a strong man and to hell with the consequences. Sadly, I realized that I was indeed becoming more submissive, more in awe of his masculine presence, and more and more willing to let him do whatever he wanted with me. This again was the intended behavior to ensure that the female target allowed herself to be fertilized in a compliant manner. I felt an unwanted shiver of anticipation run up my spine at the thought of allowing myself to be fertilized in a compliant manner.

We had both fallen silent by this point, and were just sitting there openly leering at each other’s bodies, caught up in the exciting sensation of mutual physical arousal as our reproductive organs urged us to mate. I watched his eyes bounce up and down between my flaring hips and the hard nipples on my firm young tits, before settling on the increasingly alluring gap between my thighs. I spread my legs a bit to give him a better view of my swollen vulva, standing out out clearly against the tight spandex, darkened by my vaginal lubrication. I felt so vulnerable. We both knew that I could be penetrated so easily. His cock was fully erect and visibly throbbing through his thin shorts. A bead of cloudy pre-cum soaked through. Impregnation was seeming more appealing by the second.

In an uncharacteristic moment of weakness, I stuck out my hand and slowly stroked a fingernail along the underside of his shaft.

It was more than either of us could take.

His brows lowered as his face took on a domineering frown. “Follow me.”

It was my last chance to leave. Instead, I only nodded meekly, completely submitting myself to this powerful man and his irresistible virility. I could feel my own receptive femininity burning in answer, eager to receive his seed. As a scientist, I was still fully aware that my current condition had been chemically induced, of course, but as a fertile young female I was unable to resist my body’s need to procreate with this powerful male who stank of pure sex.

He gripped my arm tightly, bruising me as he practically dragged me to a private massage room in the back of the gym.

The enclosed nature of the small room only increased the concentration of his tainted pheromones, and I could feel the stink of his sweat closing in around me, clouding my remaining rational thoughts even further. He crushed me against his hard, angular body and roughly pawed at my breasts while I mewled encouragement, stroking his shaft through his shorts, and then he turned me around and forced my torso down across the massage table, driving me nearly out of my mind with desire at receiving exactly the kind of treatment I deserved. He pressed up against my firm ass from behind as he held me down, and my body responded automatically, pushing back against his hard cock, feeling it nestle into my asscrack and press against my swollen, needy vulva from behind. I could even feel his balls clenching against the insides of my thighs as his cock throbbed. In my haze of arousal I thought about how full those testicles were, weighed down by their heavy load of dangerous sperm that would easily overwhelm and fertilize the egg my body had released.

Wasting no time, the trainer roughly pulled down my leggings, revealing my naked ass and vulnerable pussy to his greedy gaze. I tried to turn around, but he pushed me back down with one hand while he pulled his shorts down with the other. His massive cock and balls finally flopped out, slapping against my ass and thighs. A cloud of pungent ball musk was released into the air as his junk was freed, and the remainder of my mind clouded over with blind lust. I dumbly spread my legs, offering my exposed, dripping pussy for his pleasure, finally his fully willing breedslut. My only purpose was to have this man’s babies, and his only purpose was to fill me with them.

His cock slammed fully into me with no warning and no resistance, filling me to the brim and overwhelming my frazzled mind with irresistible fireworks of ecstasy. I felt myself tense up, and then my hips were involuntarily spasming, and my pussy clamped down on his dick and began contracting, squeezing, encouraging him to lose control inside me.

His reaction to the sudden stimulation was to grab my hair and yank, hard, pulling my ass back against his hips before withdrawing halfway and slamming back in, needing more of the addictive sensation, quickly building up his pace until he was painfully jackhammering into me, holding me facedown with his powerful arms as he railed my helpless cunt.

I couldn’t get enough of the pain. The sex was so much rougher than anything I had experienced before, but in my current state I wanted nothing more than to be held down and brutally used. I wanted him to force me to receive his seed, to prove that he was the one who deserved to breed me.

The trainer’s artificially heightened arousal was designed to make him lose control quickly, and his gutteral moaning as his release approached sent me over the edge again. My fertile body was telling me that it was time to be impregnated, and I couldn’t help but agree as my pussy clamped down on his dick and started milking. I wanted him to fill my baby-maker with his spunk, and with the testosterone pounding through his veins and my tight pussy insistently gripping and stroking his over-sensitive, stiffening cock, I knew he could no longer avoid giving me what I wanted.

With a grunt of release he began to ejaculate, slamming his heavy body fully into mine as I finally felt his thick spurts blasting painfully against my cervix again and again.

Here it comes I thought dreamily, smiling in bruised anticipation as what felt like steel clamps locked down around my thoughts. His cum had activated the maternal conditioning built into my formula, as I had known it would, and as my mind glazed over in ecstasy at his orgasm, my body chemistry made my current obsession with having his baby permanent.

The conditioning had been intended to ensure his lucky girl’s conception, but I had never even considered that that lucky girl could just as easily be me. It was too late now, of course, and I couldn’t be happier to feel this stranger’s warm jizz coating my unprotected womb as his cock continued to rhythmically pulse inside me. Conception confirmed.

After ejaculating what felt like a gallon of thick, pungent cum, the trainer’s cock finally finished its reflexive jerking. He wasted no time pulling out, and I immediately missed the sensation of his cock filling me up. I glanced over my shoulder for one final look at his magic schlong, watching it droop a bit as one last giant glob dripped from the tip onto the floor.

I could feel an ample supply oozing out of me and onto the massage table as well, and felt a warm glow of satisfaction as I made a mental note that semen production increase had been a resounding success.

I took a second to double-check my mental state, just in case, but happily confirmed that the conditioning had worked as intended. A minute ago I couldn’t wait for the trainer to inseminate me, and now I couldn’t wait for my body to start swelling from the spunk he had just put inside me. He had done his part, sliding his sensitive cock into my attractive, fertile body until he came, and now it was my job to get good and knocked up so I could produce his offspring.

As he reached for his clothes I meekly suggested that he go take a shower first, since washing off the pheromones would likely decrease his chances of affecting another woman. He had already lost interest in me, however, and, after pulling his shorts over his half-erect dick, he stumbled out of the room without a backward glance. That didn’t bode well. I didn’t know exactly how long the effects of the dose I had given him would last, but until he washed it off, any woman within smelling distance would quickly become just as eager to let him cum inside her as I had.

When I had put myself back together enough to painfully hobble out of the back room, I saw the trainer talking to a gym bunny on the elliptical with massive fake tits, barely contained in a tight, revealing tank top. I could tell that her body was already responding strongly to his powerful masculinity: she was hanging on his every word, taking deep breaths of his enticing, addictive musk, and I knew that she was becoming more receptive by the second, both physically and mentally, to being impregnated.

It occurred to me that I should probably do something, warn her somehow, but it was so hard to muster any will to act. Plus, I knew how badly my thickly muscled stud wanted to empty his swelling balls inside her fuckable body, and it just felt so natural for me to submit to his wishes. I was aware that I was still being affected by his musk, so fresh in my nostrils, but in the end all I could do was stand by and watch as the busty future mother began to subconsciously arch her back to show off her tits, just as I had.

When I caught her discreetly sliding her thumb along the throbbing erection once again tenting his shorts, I rubbed my toned belly in anticipation, knowing that my offspring would be getting at least one sibling today.

Finally, I watched her meekly follow him back to the massage room, fake tits jiggling, her perfectly made-up face full of the same adoration and unbridled lust that mine had shown mere minutes before, just as eager for him to forcefully use her curvy body to relieve his reproductive urges as I had been. Her mind was being bombarded by a cocktail of amped-up sex hormones, overwhelming her inhibitions with lofty thoughts of romance, submission, pleasure, love, destiny…

But I knew that there was no magic, no romance. She was merely under the influence of a chemical that I had specifically designed to convince her to let him cum inside her. Once she had successfully drained his heavy balls into her tight slit and flooded her waiting egg, it would be too late. Her fertilized body would reprogram her into his breedslut, just as I was, and she would be discarded, just as I had been. Her horny stud would move on, obeying his own amped-up instinctual need to spread his seed still further, filling as many willing, fertile pussies with his cum as he could, and leaving a trail of brainwashed, knocked-up hotties in his wake.

It was almost surreal watching her be subjected to the same irresistible sequence of events that I had experienced just minutes before, seeing each stage of my own submission mirrored in her body and behavior. Still, as I watched her tapered waist and tight ass disappear into the back room, I completely understood her eagerness to spread her toned legs and allow him to plunge his cock deep into her unprotected pussy over and over again until he came. From my outside perspective it seemed like a needlessly risky, irrational decision on her part, and yet I had fallen under his intoxicating influence just as easily, and hadn’t been able to resist letting him impregnate me either. And, of course, now that his cum was working its magic inside me I still couldn’t help thinking he was special too, despite knowing intellectually that it was all a lie. I left the determined young couple to enjoy the exertions that would eventually trigger their euphoric gene-mixing, gathered up my forgotten notes, and made my way home.

I knew that I should have been horrified at what had happened, at having accidentally conditioned myself into becoming a single mom, but my formula’s power over my mind was absolute, and I couldn’t wait for my mate’s powerful seed to force my sexy body to swell and grow for him.

I staggered into work the following Monday, bruised, sore, bred, and brainwashed by my own work, but nonetheless very satisfied on the whole.

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