my relationship fantasy

Chapter 1 “Cousin Matt! In my house! Right now! Can we stay here? Please? Oh please, oh please!” It was that pathetic plea that had Rachel offering Mark the couch in the den. He hadn’t slept over since they were little, so that was one of the few places there was for him to sleep. Sleepovers weren’t really necessary when the two lived so close together, but he had been known to doze off on the couch in the living room from time to time. She received a message from Drake about the Annual Comic-Con Convention, and then later Mark got ready for bed. He went into the bathroom to change into a pair of striped blue and purple PJs, similar colors to what Rachel was wearing her track pants and a tank top. As she watched him sit on the edge of her bed, she frowned and remembered something. “Look Mark, a few people have slept on that couch and almost every time it’s caused ultra back pain.” “Yeah? Bummer.” “I don’t mind if you sleep in here like you used to,” she offered. “There is plenty of room. As long as you don’t hog all the covers and you stay on your side of the bed, okay?” Mark smiled, and neither really thought much of this. They were friends, and half the time neither of them even acknowledged that they were a boy and a girl. So they crawled under the covers together, and as promised stayed on their own sides of the bed. She turned off her lights and lay down to sleep. Later in the evening Rachel awoke because Mark had knocked her out of her sleep when Mark’s hand hit her in the back of the head. Her eyes shot open, and she turned to her friend with an irritated look. “Mark!” He was still asleep. It seemed he had rolled over onto his back, and his hand had inadvertently swung into his sleeping friend. “I thought I told you to stay on…” She trailed off when she noticed something unexpected. A little tent had been erected in the middle of the duvet, right around where Mark’s groin was. He had an erection. Blushing furiously she rolled back onto her side of the bed with her back to him. This went way beyond awkward. She had never been this close to an erection before, and never would have thought of it from Mark. But she could deny it no longer. Mark was a guy. With a penis…an erect penis…in her bed. Her breathing started to get louder, and she knew there was not much hope of her getting back to sleep now. She considered waking Mark up, but decided that would only succeed in embarrassing him. Besides, he was a freakishly deep sleeper; she probably couldn’t wake him even if she tried. The guy could easily sleep through a nuclear explosion. Turning back she took a glance over her shoulder, and then lay back down still blushing. Yep the erection was definitely still there. And though still tremendously nervous, she found herself a little curious. What exactly was going through Mark’s head? Who was he dreaming about to make him hard like that? A girl at school? A woman from the TV? One on those scantily clad characters from his comic books or video games? … Amy perhaps? Even Rachel had to admit that woman was pretty sexy. If she went for girls, Amy would definitely be one of her top five choices. She paused and started to blush even darker. What if he was thinking about…? Nah! Mark wouldn’t… He didn’t think of her that way… Did he? Again she glanced back at the tent in her duvet, and this time just stared for a while. She started wondering what kind of things they would be doing in his dream, if it was about her. Was she on top? Whenever she fantasized about a guy, she was usually on top. She liked it that way, the feeling of power and control as she rode a cock until her lover came, shuddering and moaning beneath her. Never fantasized about Mark though, the idea never even crossed her mind. Not until now that is. Again she turned away and laid down deciding to go back to sleep. Put those thoughts out of her mind and just sleep, so she closed her eyes tight. Trying her best to empty her mind of that sexy image. … What… were they wearing in the dream? Were they both completely naked, or was she wearing some sort of kinky leather getup? And was he going down on her? God she bet that would feel good, guys in her fantasies would always lick her out a lot. Yeah, she would so eagerly mount Mark’s face, grab both of his ears and wouldn’t let him stop. He could lick her for hours and she’d still want more… “Shut up, brain, shut up!” she hissed out loud. “This is Mark! Maaark!!” Sure she’d often have thoughts like this about Brad Pitt or Hugh Laurie on occasion, but never Mark. Without even really realizing it, she turned to take another look. Yep his erection is definitely still there. Must’ve been a really good dream he was having, whatever it was. A part of Rachel hoped he was dreaming about her. That this erection was for her. She found herself thinking about how much she’d enjoy draining it dry for him, leaving him totally satisfied. “Snap out of it Rachel! This is your best friend.” Despite herself, she kept staring. She never had seen a real life fully erect penis before. Sure, her mom had taught her all about sex, being a doctor. And because she was a liberated 21st century woman, she’d made sure Rachel knew all about her body and how to have an orgasm. But she’d never seen a real penis, unless you counted the illustrations in her sex education books. Would it really hurt to take a peek? I mean it was Mark, they had gone through that whole you show me yours, I’ll show you mine thing when they were little. Surely he wouldn’t mind showing her an erect penis for the first time? And even if he did mind, wasn’t like he’d ever have to know. Yeah, maybe just a little peek. Who better than her best friend in the whole world? Getting up onto her knees, she pulled the covers back off him. He mumbled something inaudible when the cold air hit him, but didn’t wake. Now the tent was in his pajama bottoms, and as she slid closer on her knees, she hesitated as she reached for the rim of his pants. Was she sure she wanted to do this… Sure… Why the hell not? It was just an innocent peek. Healthy curiosity, that was all. There were sure to be plenty of girls who’ve peeked at a guy given a chance like this. Nothing to be worrying about. Ever so gently she pulled down his pajama pants, slipping it carefully over the obstacle that was jutting out. She let go of his pants and jumped when his member flicked free of its confinement, and extended to its full length. Rachel just stared, admittedly impressed. She didn’t exactly have any basis for comparison, but from where she was standing he was still pretty big. By her estimates, well over eight inches, and pretty thick too. She was pretty certain that qualified as ‘better than average.’ Scooting in a bit closer, she leaned in to get a closer look. The skin was red, but also kind of pale. Of course, he probably didn’t get much sun down there. Redder around the glands though. It was circumcised, him being Jewish and kind of veiny. It was… she wasn’t sure… was beautiful the right word? She decided that would have to do for now. But if she had truly been honest with herself, sexy probably would have described it better. She definitely liked what she saw. After spending a few more minutes just staring, she felt herself blushing. Should she touch it? Would that be crossing a line? ‘Come on Rach, you’re way past crossing lines already!’ But should she? Would the skin feel much different from any other part of him? What it felt like wasn’t exactly something they taught in health class. So in the interest of education, maybe she should touch it just to see. She reached forward a little reluctantly, as if she were worried it would burn her. And once her fingertips met his penis, she pulled them away with a start when it jerked in reaction to her touch. In an act of caution she looked up to Mark’s face to make sure he hadn’t wakened. He was still in that deep sleep. So she reached out for it again, a little less reluctantly this time, and gently placed her fingertips onto the tip of it. The bulbous end seemed to be the most sensitive part. The skin seemed thin and was wrapped tightly over hard flesh. If she ever put it in her mouth, slurping on the tip alone would probably provide him with a lot of pleasure. The skin further down on his shaft was little bit more loosely. Kind of soft velvety when she stroked it. Absently she was soon gently stroking the full length of it, her hand moving up and down. She concentrated on how it felt in her hand. It was kind of nice. She could imagine how a woman would enjoy having this thing slowly sliding in and out of her pussy… Startled again by her own thoughts she pulled her hand away. Was she just picturing Mark’s penis… slipping in and out of her… No, he was her friend, she wouldn’t think that! But damn, she was wet. She hadn’t realized it, but ever so slowly she had been getting more and more turned on by this. If she didn’t take care of her arousal right away, she might do something unwise with the big penis staring her right in the face. Turning to her bedside table, she reached into the top drawer and pulled out her trusty vibrator. Mom was one of those people who believed masturbation was very natural, and had made sure her daughter had access to things like this without having to be asked. She slipped off her pants and dropped them off the side of her bed, then switched on the white plastic toy, which started to buzz and vibrate. She wasn’t much worried about waking Mark up. If he could sleep through a nuclear explosion, he could sleep through a little buzzing and pleasured moaning. But as she ran the side of her vibrator up the inside of her thigh, and slowly towards its destination, she paused and found herself looking at Mark’s penis again. And then, unwillingly she started to think as her eyes moved back and forth from her vibrator to the erection. Fake cock… Real cock… Fake cock… Real cock… Would she dare? If she was going to have something sliding in and out of her pussy, why bother with her vibrator when she had something considerably bigger, and way more real right there for her use? It sure was appealing, taking pleasure from a rod that would also take pleasure from her. The prospect of working that big hard cock until it squirted her pussy full of a nice warm reward, was getting her hotter than she ever remembered being. ‘Wait, wait!! Are you crazy Rachel that would involve losing your virginity!! You don’t want to do that with a sleeping guy! With Mark… Do you?’ This time she turned to look at Mark’s face. Well… She was probably going to do it sooner or later. And to do it with some random guy from school, even Adam, who was a totally nice guy and a hottie to boot… It didn’t seem all that appealing. Not for her first time, anyway. Her first time, she would want to be with someone who loved her. Who would always love her? And Mark was probably the only guy she felt sure would do that. Even if they had a falling out one day, and didn’t talk again for years, they would still always love each other. She decided she would never regret having her first time with Mark. Getting back up onto her knees, she crawled over to his side of the bed, naked from the waist down this time. She considered waking him first, but part of her was worried he’d turn her down. There was another part though that said doing this while he was still sleeping was quite a turn on. She was already tingly all over just thinking about it. Climbing over his body she straddled his hips, and lowered her bare pussy to within an inch of his cock. This was a pretty big step, so she hesitated, before lowering her hips just enough for their loins to touch. It was really warm. She took his penis into both hands, and held it in place as she rubbed against it in circular motions. She liked what she felt and was getting wetter by the second. Soon she had started rubbing up and down the full length of his penis, with the outside of her dripping wet crotch, and then she paused. Started to have second thoughts now that she was so close. “Rachel,” Mark gasped breathlessly. “Rachel!” Startled she looked to his face, only to find that he was just talking in his sleep. And that bought a wide smile to her face. He was dreaming about her, this erection was for her. And that being the case, she decided she was going to make good use of it. All doubt finally gone from her mind, she pressed the tip of his member hard into her opening until it started to slide in. Barely an inch of it had her gasping; this was a lot thicker than her vibrator. It was probably going to stretch her a little wider than she was used to, and definitely sink a lot deeper. But as she ever so slowly slid more of him inside, she found it didn’t hurt. It ached a little, but the ache was far from unpleasant. Her hymen wasn’t an issue either, being broken long ago due to a kick to the stomach from a sparring partner. Her breathing quickened as she slowly lowered her hips onto Mark’s, taking in inch after wonderful inch. Mark too started to breathe harder, the deeper he sank. “Oh God!” she gasped, as he got just over halfway in and kept sinking. This was so much better than plastic! He was already deeper than her vibrator had ever been! And it felt sooo good! Moaning long and loud, she finally engulfed him right down to the hilt and sat still a moment. She shuddered with delight as the most wonderful warmth rose up through her body. Then as she started to rise, still slowly, she got in the sudden urge to make a little sexy talk with her sleeping lover. She raised her hips until only his tip was still inside her, and then sank back down still at that deliciously slow pace. “Naughty boy, Mark,” she gasped breathlessly. “Making me all horny like that! Well it’s your entire fault, so you’re going to make me feel better, aren’t you? Gonna make me cum real hard all over your big hard cock, like a good boy? Yeah!” Her own words excited her even more, and she started to rise and fall a little faster. A part of her was a little worried that he might finish too early and leave her on the edge with no orgasm. So she continued with her sexy talk. “Don’t cum yet Mark, please not yet! I need get off so bad baby, please hold it back! Please!” Her hips started moving much faster, and it was less rising and falling now, and more bouncing. He seemed to be heeding her pleas and didn’t seem to be Cumming early. There was a hint of what sounded like frustration in his moans now though. “Just a little longer, baby, I’m sooo close! Please! Pleeeaaassse!! Oh God!!” Her hips were a blur now, the friction was so wonderful, and she reached down and played with her clit to add to it. And in a very short time, a very familiar feeling started to rise up through her body. “Oh yes!! God yes!! I… I’m… Cuuuuuummmiiiiiinngg!!!” The orgasm had her whole body shuddering, but unlike the orgasms she was used to this one lasted much longer. It seemed every time she was coming down from the orgasm, she had a whole new one! And she had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming. Masturbation had never been this good! “Oh yeah, I’m going to make you feel so good for this, lover!” she gasped, not slowing her riding motions. “Your turn to cum now! Come on! Give it to me, Rachel wants it so bad!” After the most incredible orgasm of her life, she was very eager to return the favor. Whether it was going to wake him or not, Rachel didn’t care. She wanted Mark’s cum, and she was going to get it. Mark was about to be drained completely dry. “No more holding back Mark,” she purred, reaching back and massaging his balls to encourage him. “Show Rachel how much you love her! Give it to me! Give it to meee!!” She couldn’t believe she felt another orgasm coming on just as she felt Mark’s balls tighten, and he started to moan louder than ever. And when she felt him ejaculating inside her, the pure sexiness of it had her Cumming again, right along with him. “Ohhh yeeeeeesssss!! Squirt that cum!! Show me you love me!! Oh Goooddd!!” Mark squirmed in ecstasy beneath her, moaning and grabbing handfuls of the sheet beneath him. Rachel continued to ride him and massage his balls until his squirming stopped, his body started to relax and his penis softened inside her. Then it was her turn to come down, so she collapsed on top of him and affectionately wrapped her arms around his shoulders and nuzzled into his neck. She slid off the top of him, and cuddled up close. “Oh yeah, I’m definitely doing that again,” she giggled, kissing his neck gently. A part of her had thought that she would have regretted doing this, but she didn’t at all. She was actually looking forward to a second helping. And the fact that he hadn’t woken up once didn’t bother her either. As a matter of fact that was one of the sexiest parts. That he would probably wake up tomorrow and be none the wiser. “Ohhh, you and me are going to have such fun from now on Mark,” she purred into his ear. “And I’m going to be totally climbing the walls until tomorrow night. Because as soon as you go to sleep, I’m gonna be climbing onto that cock all over again.” She smiled evilly when she looked down and noticed something. “Or maybe I won’t have to wait that long.” Reaching down she clasped his hardening penis with a giggle. “Is that for me, stud? Don’t mind if I do.” Again she climbed up and straddled his hips, stroking his cock with both hands to get it nice and hard for entry. “But if you don’t mind, I think I’ll take my time with this one.” And she did; nearly an hour to be precise. Then several orgasms and another nice big load in her pussy later, she pulled his pants back up and her own back on. Then she curled up next to him and fell into the nicest sleep of her life. *** Mark woke up, to the sun shining through the window, and surprisingly enough Rachel cuddled up to him with her cheek rested on his chest. He gently tapped her shoulder to wake her. “Um. Rachel?” “Mmmm?” she moaned, without opening her eyes and cuddling up a little closer. “What happened to staying on our own sides of the bed?” She opened her eyes, but her smile remained on her face. “Sorry Mark. Guess I mistook you for my teddy bear.” He smiled back. “You mistook me for a ten inch tall plushy toy? Masculinity fading. Fading. Gone.” Rachel let Mark go and just giggled at the joke. He looked to the bedside table next to him, and pulled the plushy in question from his perch and handed it to Rachel. “Here you go, Rach.” She accepted the toy and looked right into Mark’s eyes as she cuddled it. “Oh Mark, you can be so sweetheart sometimes.” “What do you mean sometimes?” he snickered. There was a moment of silence between them, and then Mark lay back and looked to the ceiling. “Is it just me, or was that the best night’s sleep ever?” For some reason Rachel found this really funny, and broke into an uncontrollable fit of giggles. “Yeah Mark. I really enjoyed it too. Let’s do it again tomorrow night, ‘kay?” He smiled and nodded. “Sure thing.” To be continued…?
Rachel knew she had been a naughty girl and absolutely loved it. Last night she had ridden Mark cock, giving him two orgasms and herself several. And the best part, the most delightfully delicious part, was that he had slept through the whole thing. Woken up this morning none the wiser, and hung out with her as always. Treated her no different from how he always did. Rachel on the other hand had predicted correctly when she had cuddled up to him the previous night. She was totally climbing the walls today! She just had to have a second round, and he had to be asleep for it! She just couldn’t wait. Most of her day was spent in a state of intense sexual arousal. Many times she had been tempted to find some place private and finger herself to orgasm, but each time she decided to save it for Mark. Today he seemed totally different to her too like when watching him eat, which was something that would usually gross her out, had a very different effect on her. At Taco Bell, she was totally mesmerized while watching him eat a taco. The way he leisurely devoured it, occasionally licking loose drops of cheese, and nibbling away at his favorite bits. She’d never realized what a long tongue he had. Or how well suited his entire mouth would be to giving pleasure. Sitting right there across the table from him, she started fantasizing that he’d finished his taco, and dropped under the table for a little desert. Her panties were down, his head was under her cheerleader skirt and once again he was leisurely devouring his meal. Licking at the loose drops, and gently nibbling away on her tastiest bits. God those big ears would make fantastic hand holds as she ground her pussy into his face, and demanded more and more! Rachel was almost ready to cum just thinking about it, before she was cut off by Mark. “Rachel?” She blinked out of her trance. “Hm?” “Why are you looking at me like that?” Snapping out of it and regaining her composure, she blushed. “Oh. Sorry Mark, guess I was day dreaming.” Good old gullible Mark accepted that, and didn’t inquire any further about her strange look. They had to head to go to Comic-Con now anyway. Sadly Rachel found that she didn’t stay composed for long, and again her hormones started to take control of her. Their best friend Drake had whipped up a villain’s outfit for each of them, and Rachel went dressed like Cat Woman. As she looked at herself in the mirror of the public bathroom she had changed in, she decided she looked really sexy. It hugged her figure so well it looked painted on, and the tail and the cat ears gave her a real sultry look. She wondered if Mark would find it sexy. And how long it would take him to make her purr… “Mmmm…” she moaned out loud, as her mind started to wander. She was a bad kitty, a very, very bad kitty and she wanted Mark to stroke her until she purred! God she needed it! She was in a public bathroom, but if he locked herself into one of the stalls she could easily give herself a nice orgasm within a few minutes. Especially when she was turned on as she was. But that would be such a waste! She knew cumming on Mark’s cock would be so much more satisfying that doing it herself, so again she decided to save it for him. Besides, he was waiting for her outside the Convention Center; she’d better not keep him waiting. The time she spent at the convention didn’t help her state of mind much either. She was getting really grumpy by now, as well as horny, but things were about to get worse. There were a couple of things she never told anyone, not even Mark. And one of those things was that after a good fight, especially a fight with Amy who was probably the best fighter Rachel knew; she would get horny, very horny. One of the main reasons she kept a vibrator in her bedside drawer, was that after a mission where she fought Amy she always had some vigorous masturbating to do. But the fact that she had been way hornier that usual going into today’s fight, things were much worse once Amy and Bob (Amy’s boyfriend) escaped. To be precise, she was so mad with lust, she was about ready to jump Mark then and there in the convention center. Tear off his clothing and hers, and ride his cock until she orgasmed over and over… In front of everyone at the convention. Fortunately she managed to stifle that urge… Barely. Mark got knocked out by Bob who had been dressed as Darth Vader, and he seemed to have hurt his head. So she then took Mark home with her, where they hung out until it started to get dark. “It’s getting dark. Maybe we should go to bed,” Rachel suggested, ready to burst after a day of waiting. Mark frowned. “Rachel. It’s only 6pm!” “Oh… okay.” ‘Damn!’ A few minutes later, Mark started complaining that his head still hurt from the fight and that he felt weird. Again Rachel jumped at a chance to get what she wanted. “Really? Maybe you should have an early night.” Again Mark frowned at her. “But Rachel it’s too early.” “No buts Mark, if you hurt your head you should sleep it off,” she said, pretending to give a damn about his stupid sore head. “You’re going to bed right now, and that’s that!” Pouting childishly he stood up and Rachel followed him up stairs to her loft bedroom. “Man! You’re worse than my Mom!” Smiling widely, Rachel waited for him to change into his pajamas as she changed into hers. Why was he taking so long, he had been in the bathroom changing for thirty whole seconds! He was too slow! At second thirty two though, he finally came out in his pajamas and headed to the bed, rubbing his head again. “Man I’m feeling way weird.” “Just go to bed Mark, you’ll probably feel better in the morning,” she suggested. ‘I know I will,’ she added to herself, with a wicked smile. He climbed under the covers on Rachel’s bed, and then laid down. “I mean something’s going on in my head. Thoughts are going through my mind that don’t usually. Like I want to do something bad, or naughty or something.” Rachel smiled widely, at that moment not really giving a shit. ‘Oh I’ll be doing enough naughty for the both of us, don’t you worry,’ she thought. “Yeah whatever, Mark. Good night.” She climbed into her side of the bed, and he looked at her. “You’re coming to bed early too?” Why wouldn’t he just shut up and go to sleep already?! “Um… Yeah Mark, I’m really tired. Now go to sleep!” He rolled back over so they had their backs to each other, and he grumbled under his breath. “Geez, someone’s cranky tonight.” He had no idea. But when things finally started to quiet down, and Rachel was about ready to start jumping for joy. Finally, that wonderful cock was all hers again! She was going to be cumming all night long!! Better check to see if he’s asleep first though. “Mark?” “Yeah?” ‘DAMMIT!!! STUPID FUCKING INSOMNIAC BASTARD!!!’ Taking a moment to calm herself, she answered through clenched teeth. “Um… Nothing Mark. Just checking to see if you were asleep.” He chuckled. “Maybe I will be, if you give me more than twenty seconds before asking again.” Biting down her frustration, she forced a laugh. “Yeah. Okay.” Had it really only been twenty seconds? Man, she needed it bad! If he didn’t go to sleep soon, she’d just jump him and fuck him silly while he was awake, whether he wanted to or not. The thing was she really REALLY wanted him again while he was sleeping. Call it what you want, a fetish, an obsession, but Rachel wanted it. Now! This time she stared at her digital clock to make sure she waited longer. Once Mark got to bed it didn’t usually take him long to doze off. She decided to give him five minutes, before she checked to see if he was asleep again. But as she watched the clock she came to realize something. One minute was a really long time, let alone five! Barely two minutes had passed before she started to get frustrated. Was her stupid clock broken or something?! It hadn’t even reached three minutes yet, but it felt like she’d been watching it for hours! Oh wait there was minute number three. But could she really wait two more that was a long time! She needed to cum right now! Maybe if she slipped her hand down the front of her pants and teased her clit a little that would take the edge off? No, no! She had waited all day do give it to Mark, she could wait two more minutes. Besides while she was thinking, the five minutes were probably already up, so she took another glance at her clock. Nope, hadn’t even hit minute four yet! … OH FUCK THIS, THREE AND A HALF MINUTES WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH!!! “Mark?” She paused and there was no answer. Smiling she called a little louder. “Mark?!” Still no answer, so she rolled over and he still had his back to her. She grabbed his shoulder and shook it, and he still didn’t respond. Jumping up onto her knees, she excitedly bounced up and down on her bed. Finally! Time to whip out that monster of his and put it somewhere nice and warm. In seconds her clothes were gone, her tracks and tank practically vanished. Now completely naked she pulled back the duvet from Mark, and pulled him from his side and onto his back. This time she pulled his shirt open to reveal a surprisingly well muscled torso. Seems that big cock wasn’t the only thing he’d been hiding under those baggy clothes of his. And rather than pull his pants around his waist, this time she pulled them all the way off and tossed them over her shoulder. He wasn’t going to be needing those again anytime soon. There was no hesitation tonight when she knelt down next to him and grabbed his cock. No erection tonight, but that was easily remedied. So she did one of the many things that she had fantasized about today, by stroking his length a few times then eagerly taking it into her mouth. “Mmmm!” He started to harden immediately, and the feeling of power she got from that delighted her. He tasted so good, and it wasn’t long before he was rock hard and leaking pre-cum into her mouth. That just added to the delicious flavor and she came to a decision right there. She wasn’t going to stop. Initially she had planned to suck him until he was hard enough to enter her aching and yearning young pussy. But now she remembered just how much she had enjoyed making him cum last night. And she found herself getting tremendously turned on by the prospect of making him cum, and having her face nice and close to witness and taste his pleasure. That thought had her slurping away with even more enthusiasm and both her hands got in on it too. One hand running up and down the length of his shaft, the other cupping and massaging his balls; as she slurped vigorously on his cock head. It was so tasty, but she knew it was going to be even tastier once she got the creamy treat she wanted. Mark sure had some staying power though. Rachel was pretty certain most guys his age would have cum by now under this treatment, but Mark just groaned and held back. He was such a stud. But whether he held back or not, she was going to get that cum. As she slurped harder dirty thoughts went through her mind. That cum was hers by right, but selfish Mark wanted to keep it from her. No matter though, he wouldn’t be able to hold back forever and soon that cream would be in her mouth where it belonged, getting swallowed. In time she felt all the tell tale signs she had learned last night. His breathing got louder and quicker, his body started to tense up, he grabbed handfuls of the sheets beneath him and his toes started the curl. Then the last most critical sign had her moaning anxiously and sucking harder than ever, when she felt his balls tightening in her hand. The first shot of cock cream she’d ever had in her mouth hit the roof of her mouth and then pooled all over her tongue. Delicious! Many more spurts followed, and she kept massaging his balls and stroking his shaft to make sure it kept coming. And she moaned with pleasure as she gulped down everything he gave her. The truly shocking thing though was that she was cumming too, without even touching herself. And she was cumming hard. She’d never had an orgasm without at least touching herself before, and was shocked what a good one it was. She had been craving that first orgasm all day, and she knew there were many more to follow. Mark had a lot of cum to give, but despite this Rachel knew it would never be enough. Proof of that was her disappointment when the spurts died down and her meal came to an end. She slurped his softening cock for a little longer for good measure, then sat up, swallowed a few more times than smacked her lips. “Damn that was good,” she sighed. Smiling widely, she then crawled up the bed until her face was right next to his ear, then whispered, “your cum is sooo yummy, baby.” She giggled and pretended to listen to him as she grabbed his cock and stroked it until it started hardening again. “What was that Mark? You want me to do that again? Well how about we slip this big cock of yours in my pussy for a while, and then when you’re ready to pop again I’ll finish you off with my mouth. Would you like that?” She pretended to listen again, and smiled evilly. “I knew you would.” By now his penis had gotten a second wind thanks to Rachel’s diligent hand, and she didn’t waste a moment mounting him. She lowered her dripping wet pussy onto the hard tip of his cock, and then groaned as it slowly started to sink into her. Noting that there was absolutely no discomfort like there was last night; just pure pleasure. She took her time sliding the full length in again, and just relished in the feeling of penetration as he gradually got deeper and deeper. It felt so good, she’d been wanting this all day, more than she’d ever wanted anything! Nothing could be better than this. As soon as she had every inch inside of her, she didn’t hesitate to start bouncing her hips so he started sliding in and out. And as horny as she was, it didn’t take long before she was approaching her second orgasm of the evening. “Be a good boy and hold back that cum for me! Please! Rachel’s so horny tonight she needs to cum a lot on this big fat cock! Think you can do that for me, lover?” Like last night her own naughty words got her even hotter, and moments later her inner muscles were tightening around his rod, and she was releasing her pleasure juices all over him. “Ohhh, yeah baby! More! I need more!” She continued riding him, her hands running up and down his chest, and several times over the next half hour or so Rachel’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her toes curled as she orgasmed. More than a few of them were intense multiple orgasms, that nearly had her passing out. But she wasn’t going to pass out; she was going to keep going until the whole day’s sexual tension was completely and utterly satisfied. And that was probably going to take all night. Thankfully Mark, the big stud, was still holding off on cumming. And she was very excited by the knowledge that she was probably going to get to play with this nice hard cock for quite a while longer, before he came again. This was good because she’d only had eight orgasms so far, and only half of them were multiples. She wasn’t even close to being done yet. She giggled at those thoughts. Most girls would give anything to have a guy that could give her eight orgasms in one sitting. And not only could Mark do that and more, he did it all in his sleep. Now how many girls could say that about their lovers? Smiling she went on riding, twisting her hips every which way to heighten her own pleasure and his. She may have asked him to hold back, but what was the fun in making it too easy for him? She enjoyed a few more climaxes, but soon came to the most intense and prolonged orgasm of the evening. She groaned long and loud, biting her tongue to keep from screaming, and moving her hips in a blur to further prolong her own pleasure. Absently she gripped his shoulders and dug her nails in as she continued to cum. “Rachel?” She kept her eyes closed as she came down. Mark talked in his sleep a lot while she rode him, so she thought nothing of it. “Ohhh Mark, that was the best one yet!” “Am I dreaming?” Her eyes shot open and she looked down to his face. His eyes were half open, and he was sleepily looking up at her. Not quite fully awake yet, but almost. She had broken the skin with her nails when she had squeezed his shoulders just now. What was she going to do?! Thinking quickly she pressed her thumb gently into a pressure point in the side of his neck. She had learned this trick from a Cosmo magazine, from one of the articles. If this point is pressed hard it will render a man unconscious, but more gentle pressure would cause a more sleepy and disoriented state. Looking down into Mark’s confused, sleepy eyes she smiled as a naughty idea crossed her mind. Keeping the pressure on his neck with her thumb, she resumed her riding. “Yes, Mark. You’re dreaming,” she purred, huskily. “Do you like this dream?” Disoriented and confused, Mark went with an instinctive answer and nodded. “Uh-huh.” “Mmmm!” she moaned still riding and smiling down at her semi conscious lover. “Would you like to do something for me Mark? Something I’ve always wanted but never had? Please, I would enjoy it so much!” Still on the edge of unconsciousness he answered without thinking. “Sure Rachel… Sure.” Moaning in anticipation, Rachel lifted herself up off his swollen penis, and then shuffled forward on her knees. With a quick move of her hand, she moved it behind herself and put her thumb back to the point on his neck. Then she slowly lowered her dripping wet crotch onto his mouth. “Lick my pussy, Mark. Please! Lick me out; I wanna feel your tongue sooo bad!” Without any questions from him, he simply started licking as he was asked. And before long the most incredible pleasure rose up though her body, followed by the sounds of his slurping. “Oh God, yes! I knew you’d be good Mark, keep licking! It’s just like a taco, never to be eaten in-Ahhh!!-in… haste! And if you keep it up it’s going to get very, very tasty! I promise! Mmmm!” Rachel and Mark both groaned as he worked away at the offered meal. She had fantasized about this so many times, always knew a tongue would feel wonderful down there. But she never dreamed it would come close to being this good! She wasn’t going to let him stop, it was too good. Even if he wanted to stop, too bad! She’d eaten his cum, now it was his turn to eat hers! “That’s it baby, sooo good! Now my clit, my… Ahhh, yesss! So close, I’m sooo close!! Nibble it, really gentle, nibble… Yeah! Yeah!! That’s it!! Cumming!! I’m… Cuuummiiinnnggg!!” Rachel shuddered and her juices flowed into Mark’s mouth, which was followed soon after by more of his slurping. But she was just getting started; no way was he going to stop yet! “You like that yummy pussy? Rachel loved that! And she wants more baby, more! Don’t stop!” And to her delight he didn’t stop. He continued to eat with gusto, and five more times that night there were sounds of Mark slurping as he made Rachel cum. She was in heaven. She was also going to be delighted the next time they did this, when she discovered that Mark was one of those people who ‘ate in their sleep’. Climbing down from his face, she lowered herself onto his cock and returned it to its warm sheath. Then she looked into the still dazed eyes of her lover, smiling. “That was sooo good Mark. Did you enjoy licking that for me?” “Yes,” he replied groggily. “Did it taste good? Would you like to do that for me every night?” “Yes… God yes…” “Good boy! Now its time to go back to sleep, baby.” Applying more pressure into the side of his neck, his eyes fluttered shut and he returned to his usual deep sleep. Then she started riding his cock again. The total sex machine of a man managed to make Rachel cum three more times on his cock, before he started showing the warning signs of his own climax. She moved back until she was kneeling between his legs then took him into her mouth to finish him off. She noted that being coated in over an hour’s worth of her pussy juice made him even tastier than last time. After receiving all that attention from her tight pussy, making him cum for the second time didn’t take too long. She stroked him with one hand while she sucked, and used her other hand to play with her pussy. And within moments she was cumming right along with him, and gulping down a second helping of her new favorite treat. This load seemed bigger than the last one, yet it still wasn’t enough, and she found herself disappointed when the flow started to stop. She allowed his limp and completely drained dick to flop out of her mouth, knowing she wasn’t going to get much more use out of it for a while. Last night after she’d drained him for the second time, she’d tried to get it back up for a third round but it had stayed soft. Not that it mattered tonight though, she was thoroughly satisfied. It had been even better this time. Wanting nothing more than to just curl up next to him and go to sleep, she took a few moments to pull her PJs back on, then slipped Mark’s pants onto him. She did however leave his pajama shirt open so she could cuddle up to him and rest her cheek on his bare chest. Then as she slowly drifted off to sleep, she came to a decision. She was going to throw out her vibrator. She didn’t need it any more. *** Again Mark awoke the next morning to the sun shining through Rachel’s bedroom window. And again he found his best friend snuggled up next to him, with her cheek rested on his chest. Only this time his shirt was wide open and his chest was bare. “Um… Rachel?” “Hmmm?” she asked, without opening her eyes. “Should I start wearing a Teddy Bear outfit to bed, because this is the second time we’ve woken up like this.” She smiled. “That sounds sexy.” “Wait. What?!” Finally she opened her eyes and looked up at him, still smiling. “Relax Mark. Kidding.” He smiled back now. “A bit different from how you normally kid.” She shrugged at that, and just closed her eyes again and lay back down. “I’m usually different this early in the morning.” “Oh, okay.” He climbed out of bed and stretched. “I’m going to take a shower,Rachel. You catch some extra Zs if you need to.” Before leaving he grabbed Rachel’s Teddy from his perch on the bedside table and handed to her. “Here, to keep you company until I buy that outfit.” She giggled at the joke, and cuddled the toy. “Thanks Mark.” Mark walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him with a frown. He had felt weird last night, but now things were just getting freaky. He’d had the most intense and realistic wet dream of his life last night! And he thought the night before was good. Rachel had climbed onto his face and practically begged him to pleasure her with his tongue. And boy did he ever! It was so real, and so vivid. He could actually smell her, and taste her delicious juices… Still could actually… Damn, must’ve been a good dream to leave a nice taste in his mouth. The weird thing thought was that after a dream like that he would have expected to have cum in his sleep, or at the very least woken up with a huge boner. But neither had happened. Stranger still, he didn’t even have the desire to masturbate. He decided to just forget about that and count his blessings. If he had messed up Rachel’s sheets having a dream about her like that, he would’ve been so humiliated when he woke up. And if she’d woken to find his boner making a tent in his duvet, forget that! He didn’t even want to think how she’d react to that sight! So yeah. He’d just count his blessings. He’d had hot vivid sex dreams two nights in a row, and no embarrassing after effects to explain to Rachel. Except he was really sweaty and… kinda sticky now. Mostly around his groin and face, but he chalked that up to sweating because of the sexy dreams. He’d jump in the shower to clean himself off, brush his teeth, and everything would be as good as new. As he climbed in though, his thoughts went to something unrelated and completely weird. The plans for a new Xbox 360 game formed in his mind. Yeah! Zombie killing time!

This story continues on directly after my previous story, Two Fridays – Part In the morning I woke up, and wondered if it had all been a dream. My come-stained shirt, lying in the corner near the head of my bed, where I had tossed it before getting in, showed one thing- the part about wanking myself was certainly true, but what about the rest? I showered and put on fresh clothes for the day, and a short time later, Tina came to join me at breakfast, straight from her bed, and wearing her nightie and brunch coat. Although as usual, we talked and chattered over breakfast, Tina said nothing about last night, which suggested to me that maybe I just dreamt it, but it all seemed so real. Then, if it was real, and Tina showed no sign it ever happened, that probably meant she was ashamed, and it certainly meant it wasn’t going to happen again. I thought it was best not to bring the subject up, unless Tina did it first. I noticed that, straight after breakfast, and before she even had a shower, Tina stripped her bed and took her sheets to the laundry, putting them straight in the washing machine, but even that wasn’t unusual for her. Our mother was still having her Saturday morning sleep-in, and as Tina walked from the laundry, our eyes met, but she said nothing out of the ordinary. The entire weekend went by, with no hint of anything from Tina, but a couple of times when her door was shut, I had to wonder if she was in there, touching herself like she had done for me, pleasuring herself the way she had done on Friday night, and my throat would go dry, and that familiar need to take matters in hand would make itself known. I masturbated twice that Sunday without using a porn magazine for inspiration, just re-running the events of Friday night in my head. Monday, of course, was a school day, and after school, Tina and I caught the same bus home as usual, but when we got off at our stop, I saw Tina walking with Katy in the direction of Katy’s house. I went home and changed into some shorts and a casual shirt, did a little half-hearted work on a school assignment due later in the week, and then watched some TV. Tina came in the back door, about an hour after I got home, still in her school uniform, and as soon as she walked into the family room, she said, “Look at this.” She reached into her school backpack, took out a DVD case, and handed it to me. I could see straight away it was a porn movie, and the title on the front was Heatwave at Station 69. There was a picture on the front, of a busty, bare-breasted blonde girl, wearing an open fireman’s jacket over stockings, suspenders and white lace panties, and holding the metal end of a firehose, the way a girl would hold a man’s cock when she was giving him a hand job. I turned it over and on the back there were some stills from the movie, and it said, Things heat up all over when a charm school for young ladies opens up next door to a Louisiana fire station. Polish your helmet and you can come, too. Let’s all go for a ride-along with these good old boys and their southern belles “Where’d you get that?” I said, handing it back to Tina. I couldn’t help smiling. “Katy,” she answered, cheerfully, “She was snooping around in her father’s bedside table and found it in the drawer with some other ones. She didn’t think he’d notice if she borrowed one for a few days.” “What are you gonna do with it?” I asked, chuckling. “Watch it, Dickhead. What do you normally do with movies?” Tina smiled, “When Mum’s not home, of course.” She took the DVD, and went to her room, and came out a few minutes later with some jeans and a pink top on, and watched TV with me until our mother came home from work. The week went by, and almost before I knew it, Friday night came around again. I forgot all about the porn DVD, and as usual on a Friday night, after cooking us our dinner, our mother got dolled up and left in a taxi to go and meet her unofficial boyfriend, Steve. I don’t know why, but for some reason, although she had him over a few times, and he got on okay with Tina and me, she never let him stay the night, and didn’t like anyone referring to him as her boyfriend. Women can be strange sometimes. Tina was wearing a short skirt, made of white denim, and a cream coloured top, with short sleeves and a square neckline that showed some of her modest cleavage, and her hair was in its usual ponytail. We sat and watched some comedy shows on TV, and then after they ended, I looked at the TV guide, to see if there was anything worth watching. One channel had a rerun of Dirty Dancing, but I’d seen that at least half a dozen times, and there was nothing interesting on any of the other channels. Tina came in from the kitchen and said, “What’s on?” “Crap,” I said, “Dirty Dancing is on but not much else.” “Patrick Swayze’s a hunk, but I’ve seen it so many times I can practically recite the script,” Tina said, without much interest. She sat on the couch next to me, and said, “Hey, let’s watch that dirty movie.” She was smiling, a little mischievously. “Okay,” I smiled. I’d forgotten about it, but Tina got up and went down the hall to her room, and came back a minute later. When she bent to put the DVD in the player, I caught a glimpse of pink cotton panties under her short skirt. She came to the couch, kicked off her sandals, and sat next to me. Like any guy my age, I had seen a few porn DVD’s, but to be honest, I had never watched one right through, because I usually got so horny I had to wank myself before it was over. This one went for forty minutes, and like most dirty movies, it showed people fucking missionary style, doggy style, cowgirl, there were pussies licked, cocks sucked, even a lesbian threesome with two female firefighters, and a girl from the charm school. As usual, the flimsy plot was only there to link a series of sex scenes together, but it was a pretty arousing movie. A few times, I looked over at Tina, and her eyes were glued to the movie, and if it was making me horny, I wondered about how it was affecting her. She had not said a word all week about last Friday night, but I still wondered about that, too. I didn’t know how many dirty movies Tina had seen, but I doubt if this was her first. During the movie, there was one scene where a fireman named Johnny Hardacre had arrived for work in his old pickup, and the principal of the charm school, a voluptuous redhead called Miss Vee, was waiting for him outside the fire station. She was wearing a big, floppy sunhat, and she said, “Mister Hardacre, I’ve been waitin’ for you.” The fireman slammed the pickup door, and strode over to her, kissing her, hot and hard on the mouth, and when they broke their kiss, Miss Vee had said, “Why don’t y’all come next door for a while, Mister Hard-acre? I got a li’l ol’ fire burnin’ inside, that needs some of yo’ ex-pert attention.” The two characters had kissed passionately, with lots of tongue, and plenty of mouth exploration, and had then gone next door, leading to a hot sex scene in Miss Vee’s living quarters, where Mister Hardacre had licked Miss Vee’s pussy, she had sucked his cock, and they had fucked missionary, legs over the shoulder, and then doggy style. Mister Hardacre had finished up by coming on her back, and his cock was massive. There were plenty of close-ups of the action, not just in this scene, but right through the entire move, and seeing those pussies being licked, especially in the lesbian scenes, had its effect on me. After the movie, Tina got up as the credits rolled, and walked down the hallway towards our mother’s bedroom. I was taking the DVD out of the player when she came back in the room, wearing a big, floppy sunhat that belonged to our mother, and it was very similar to the one that Miss Vee was wearing in the movie. Tina stood at the doorway, in her short, white skirt, and cream top, with that floppy sunhat on her head, and standing in the same provocative way that Miss Vee had done in the movie, she said, “Mister Hardacre, I’ve been waitin’ for you.” She even nailed the southern accent. I stood at the TV stand, and chuckled, and Tina said, “You be Johnny Hardacre, and I’ll be Miss Vee.” I stood there, looking at her, and she said, “Come on. Kiss me like he did in the movie.” I said, “Well, he slams the door, and …,” then I strode over to Tina, taking hold of her like Johnny Hardacre had taken hold of Miss Vee in the movie, and I kissed her, trying to do it like the fireman had kissed Miss Vee. Naturally, I felt a wave of excitement going through me as I kissed my sister’s soft mouth, gently exploring hers with the tip of my tongue. When we broke our kiss, Tina recited Miss Vee’s next line, “Why don’t y’all come next door for a while, Mister Hard-acre? I got a li’l ol’ fire burnin’ inside, that needs some of yo’ ex-pert attention.” Once again, she took off the southern accent perfectly, but when I recited Mister Hardacre’s line, to the best of my memory, I didn’t try to do the accent myself. We kissed a little more, as per the movie, but gradually we got out of character, until we were just kissing each other’s mouths for the pleasure it was giving us, holding each other close, kissing in a hot and sexual way, like lovers. We had a break for air, and Tina moved back towards the couch, and sat down, tossing the sunhat over the back onto the floor. I sat next to her on her right, and she moved close to me, and put her right arm across my shoulders. She moistened her lips, and kissed me again, a soft and sexy kiss, but a fairly quick one. Then, with our faces close, she said, in a soft voice, “That was a sexy movie, wasn’t it?” I sighed, and said, “Yeah.” “Do you get excited when you watch movies like that?” Tina asked, still speaking softly. Her face was close enough to mine for me to feel her warm breath. “It’d be pretty hard not to,” I answered, looking in her eyes. “I know what you mean,” she said, smiling. She leaned in again, and kissed me, but I slid my arms around her and took control, holding her, and holding the kiss myself, until I was ready to break it. We kissed a little more like that, with Tina on my left, my arms around her waist, and her right arm across my shoulders, and I was getting more and more excited by the minute. Neither of us said much, but we broke off from our kissing, and Tina turned on her bottom, and leaned back on the left arm of the couch, as she had done the week before. She swung her long and shapely legs onto my lap, and shuffled her bottom so that it was now resting against my left thigh, with her own thighs across my lap. The moving and shuffling around had made her short, white skirt ride up a little, so the hem of the skirt was only just covering the crotch of her panties. I looked down at her skirt, and the sight of those lovely thighs sent that rippling, roller-coaster feeling through me, and I rested my hands on them, which was probably the most comfortable place for me to put them in, with her in that position, even though a guy doesn’t normally rest his hands on his sister’s thighs like that. Then again, a guy doesn’t usually make out with his sister, either. Tina looked down at her skirt, and then back up at me, with a look that was part pout, and part crooked smile. Last week, I’d had my hands all over her pussy and bottom, but I was a little hesitant this week, in case, believe it or not, I misread her. Without speaking, Tina reached down with her left hand and tugged at the hemline of her white skirt, and I caught another glimpse of her pink panties. “Last week,” she said, softly, “you said you liked touching me down there. Don’t you want to do it again?” “Yeah,” I answered, “but I wanted to make sure it was okay.” My right hand was resting on Tina’s left thigh, and she gently stroked the back of my hand, and took hers away. I moved my right hand up under her skirt, and felt her panties, and that alone gave me that wave of excitement, and with my right thumb, I very gently stroked the crotch of her panties, feeling her labia underneath. Tina smiled, a sweet, girlish smile, and she sat forward and kissed me softly on the mouth, as I gently stroked her pussy through her pants with my thumb. Her mouth felt warmer than usual, and after our kiss, she sat back against the arm of the couch, with her hands by her sides. I used my left hand to lift Tina’s white skirt, and I looked down at her panties, which had a slight camel-toe because of the shuffling around she had done on the couch. A few stray pubic hairs peeked around at the sides of her panties, where they were pulled tight by her position, and I stroked my thumb up and down her slit, where her panties were moulded to its shape. I must have brushed her clit with my thumb because she flinched, and then smiled. “Careful,” she smiled, a sweet, pretty smile, “you’re in moral danger, doing that.” “Maybe we both are,” I said. “Do you want to come down to my room?” Tina asked, “I think we can be more comfortable down there.” I took my hands away and Tina stood up, so I did, too. I followed Tina down the hall, watching the sway of her hips in that short, white skirt, and I felt very excited. Even though we were only fooling around, kissing, and Tina was letting me touch her pussy, I expected that, like last week, she was going to take off her panties and let me fondle her again, and the thought crossed my mind that this must be what a guy feels like when he’s about to have sex. We entered Tina’s room, and she stopped, with her back to me, and I remembered that in the sex scene between Miss Vee and Johnny Hardacre, he had hugged her from behind as they entered her living quarters. I didn’t know if Tina was acting out that scene again, as she had done with the sunhat, but I put my arms around her from behind, and kissed the back of her head. She pressed herself back towards me, and pulled my arms tighter around her at the front, and I smelt the shampoo smell of her hair, as I held her soft, slim, sweet body to myself. Tina turned in my arms to face me, and kissed me again on the mouth, and said, “Do you like kissing?” “Yeah,” I said, smiling, like the answer was obvious. “I like it, too,” Tina said, “I like it best when it’s soft and slow, with not too much tongue, just soft, and sexy,” she smiled. The way she added that last word, “sexy,” with a rising inflexion in her voice, was cute and kind of sexy itself. That was the way I liked it best myself, so I said, “Yeah, that’s just the way I like it.” “Well,” Tina started, “I’ve got nothing to compare it with, but you do it pretty well,” with more of that sweet smile. She undid my hands from behind her, and walked backwards a few paces to her bed. She looked at me, and reached around to the zipper at the back of her skirt, and unzipped it, letting the skirt fall to the floor. She stepped out of it, and lifted it to one side with her right foot. Tina was now standing in front of me, with just her pink panties and her cream top on, and she sat on her bed, then lay back on her pillow. She was on her back, with her head turned to the right to look at me. I took the hint and walked over to her bed, and sat on it, and turned to my right to lean down and kiss her. She put her arms around me and we kissed like that for a moment, and Tina let go of me, so I lifted my feet onto the bed, and turned around so I was lying on my left side, while she was laying on her back. I looked down at her panties, and like last week, I gently caressed her pubic mound with the palm of my right hand, through her panties. That alone was breathtakingly exciting, and then I gently stroked up and down along her slit, with the first finger of my right hand. I noticed that her pussylips actually felt damp under the material, far wetter than I had felt before, either this week or last week. After I had stroked her slit a few times, I wanted to experience the scent of Tina’s pussy, as I had done last time, so I looked at her face, and then back at her panties, and then leant down to kiss her on her left inner thigh, right next to her pussy. Her skin there was beautifully soft and smooth, and once again, I smelt that incredibly sexy scent from her pussy. I changed my position a little on the bed to get more comfortable, and I took hold of the waistband of Tina’s panties at her hips and gently pulled. She lifted her bottom from the bed, and allowed me to pull them down, and I noticed the gusset seemed to stick to her pussy a little as I took them off her. Tina bent her legs to allow me to take her panties right off, and I dropped them on top of her skirt on the floor. The sight of her naked pussy, with it’s neat triangle of pubic hair, was as exciting to me as it had been last week, and I leant down again, and kissed her in the middle of her pubic hair, gently inhaling the scent, fainter there, but still as exciting, as it was between her legs. Tina then did something she hadn’t done before. I was now kneeling on her right, leaning down to kiss her pubic hair, and she reached down with her right hand between my legs from behind, and touched my cock though my jeans. It was a very gentle touch, barely stroking me once, but she said, “You’ve gone very hard.” Her voice was just above a whisper, and I looked to my left at her and she said, “If you can touch me, I can touch you.” “Can I touch your bottom?” I asked, and Tina turned herself over, lying on her belly. Her naked bottom put me back on that roller coaster for a moment, and she looked back to her right to see what I was doing. I stroked my finger along her butt crack again from the top down, and she smiled, but didn’t say anything. I caressed her right buttock with the palm of my right hand, and left my fingers trail down along her pussy slit, and then I ran my thumb and first finger back up along the sides of her outer labia, where the hair felt a little coarser than at the front. “You’re having fun, aren’t you?” Tina smiled. I kissed her in the small of her back, and then again on her right buttock, then ran my hands along the backs of her thighs, once again feeling her smooth, soft skin. After I had caressed Tina’s bottom for a little longer, and rested my cheek on her buttocks, feeling the soft skin against my face, she said, still lying down, looking back at what I was doing, “Jason?” I knelt back from her bottom, and she turned herself over, now lying on her back, looking up at me from her pillow. “Do you like girls’ boobs?” “Yeah,” I answered, smiling, “Why?” “Just wondered,” Tina said, smiling back. I realised that in all the excitement of her letting me touch and fondle her pussy, I had not even tried to see or touch her breasts. “You didn’t seem to want to touch mine. I thought maybe it’s because they’re so small,” she added. “I, um, didn’t know if you wanted me to,” I stammered, but Tina said, “Would you like to touch them?” “They’re nice,” I said, “but I didn’t know if you wanted me to touch them.” “Sometimes, when I touch myself,” Tina started, “I like to play with them with my other hand. They’re sensitive.” Then, she smiled at me and said, “Go on, feel my boobs.” I lay back down on my left side, and looking Tina in the eyes, I reached across with my right hand, and gently placed the palm of my hand over her left breast. That felt pretty exciting, but with her own right hand, Tina undid the two buttons on her blouse, and gently lifted my hand from her boob, and placed it inside her blouse where it was loosened with the two buttons undone. I felt her lace bra, and then I put my hand over her left breast again, on the outside of her bra, feeling the nipple harden just slightly under my touch. I had to swallow. “Let me take my top off,” Tina said, and I took my hand out of her blouse. “Then, you’ll have nothing on,” I said, “Are you okay like that?” “You’re my brother,” Tina smiled, “I feel okay with you. Besides, I might take some of your clothes off before long.” She sat up in the bed, and pulled her blouse over her shoulders, revealing a lacy white bra. She unclipped it at the back, and took it off, dropping it with her other clothes, and lying back down. My sister was now naked on the bed beside me, and she said, “Taste my nipple.” Tina’s breasts were not large, but they were a nice shape, and with her fair complexion, the nipples and the areola around them were a pale pink colour. Just the sight of them made me want to touch them. I leaned over and put my lips on her left nipple, and gently touched it with my tongue, and Tina flinched a little, and inhaled sharply through her nose. “That tickles, but it’s better than any tickle I’ve ever felt,” she said. She reached around and put both her arms around my back, as I gently sucked her left nipple. Sucking probably isn’t the proper word, because I just had my lips around it, gently stroking it with my tongue, with the tiniest bit of suction, just enough to hold my lips on it. I felt Tina shudder, and I took my mouth from her breast, and looked at her, and she said, “That’s so nice.” I felt the need to kiss her mouth, and we kissed in a joint effort, holding the kiss for a few sweet moments, until we broke and I lay back on the pillow beside her. Now Tina rolled over, so she was lying on her stomach, naked, resting her chest on mine, but with her legs on the bed beside me. “Do you remember what Johnny Hardacre and Miss Vee did after they went back to her room?” she asked, looking me. I remembered what they had done. He had licked her pussy, she had sucked his cock, and they had fucked in three different positions after that, but I just said, “They,” pausing, not sure how to phrase it, “hard oral sex.” I don’t know why I said, “had oral sex,” instead of “he went down on her,” or “he licked her pussy,” but that’s how I said it, and Tina looked at me with a kind of blank expression, and said, “Yes, Sherlock, they had oral sex.” She pulled a solemn face as she said the last three words, and giggled at my awkwardness. I had to giggle, too, and she shook her head, and said, “Sometimes I wonder about you.” Tina flopped back on her pillow, giggling again, and repeated, “They had oral sex,” in a stupid voice, and giggled again, and the two of us lay there giggling for a few moments, until we got over it. After she recovered herself, Tina rolled over to face me again, and got up to rest her chest on mine. “So,” she started, “I was thinking, Jace, do you want to try that?” Did I want to try that? I would have crawled over broken glass to go down on Tina, but I could hardly believe she was asking me. Before I could even answer, she added, “You seem to like touching me down there, and it feels nice, so maybe you could do it to me, and then I could do it to you.” I wasn’t all that fussed on having Tina go down on me, but I really wanted to taste her, and I said, “Um, what if I, umm, you know,” pausing, stammering, “in your mouth.” Tina just smiled and said, “I don’t know. Katy showed me a book that said some girls like it. I’ll never know until I try it.” I looked down at my own crotch, and saw Tina looking down there, too. I took a breath to speak, but I let half of it out without saying anything, and Tina said, “Look, neither of us has anybody else to try it on, so why not try it out with each other?” “Yeah, okay,” I smiled. It wasn’t that I didn’t want have oral sex with my sister, it was just that I wasn’t sure how she’d like it if I came in her mouth. Tina moved an little so her face was closer to mine, and said, “In that movie, when I saw those girls sucking the guys’ cocks, it made me get all tingly, like I do when I touch myself, and I got wet down there.” She kissed me, softly and gently, but a little more moist, and a little warmer than usual, and then drew her face back. The, she said, “Who goes first?” “Well, you’re the one with your pants off,” I said, trying not to smile, and looking at he naked body, “so how about I do you first?” “How do you want me?” Tina asked. It goes without saying that I had never licked a girl‘s pussy, but I had probably seen it done in twenty porn videos, both lesbian and straight, so I always thought it would be pretty straightforward when the occasion arose. I looked at Tina, and said, “On your back, I suppose.” She took a deep breath, and rolled onto her back, and I rode that roller coaster for a moment as I looked at her naked body, waiting for me to actually taste her pussy. “I’ve got butterflies,” she said, looking up at the roof. “So have I” I replied, looking at her pussy, then I added, “A bit, anyway,” understating the truth. I shuffled down to kneel about level with Tina’s belly, and bent over her pussy, gently moving her thighs apart. Then, I placed my mouth at the apex of her triangle of pubic hair, at the top of her slit, and kissed her lightly, inhaling her scent again. Oh, how sexy and exciting that was! Her pink inner lips were just a little puffy, and I first ran my finger along between them, and tasted the tip, looking back at Tina’s face as I did so. She gave me a little smile, and I leant down again, and ran the tip of my tongue down along her inner lips, tasting pussy for the first time in my life. I probed a fraction deeper with my tongue, and then ran it back the other way, tasting more of Tina’s pussy lips, and more of her juices, with my tongue that little deeper, and I must have brushed her clit with the side of my tongue, because she flinched, and made a throaty “Uh!” sound, then took a deep breath. Every breath I took was making me more excited, as I inhaled the sexy, sweet, tangy scent of Tina’s pussy, and tasting her was just making it more intense. I decided to change my position, and I sat up, and climbed between her legs, gently moving them apart. Tina’s pussy was now open and exposed to me, and I looked at her face, and she whispered, “Go on, that was nice.” I leaned down, and kissed her on her from the front at the top of her slit, and with my right hand, I gently parted her lips, and licked at the moist recess between her inner lips. I heard Tina sighing, and I knew I was having an effect on her, so I felt pleased with myself, considering it was my first time. In porn movies, I had seen people gently sucking on a girl’s inner lips, so I tried that, and I was rewarded by a flinch from Tina, and I paused to savour the taste. Then, I moved my mouth a little, to try and suck on her clit, although to be honest, I was not completely sure I had my mouth on it. I could taste the flesh of this very intimate part of Tina’s body, and I used my tongue to scoop some of her juices onto it, so I could gently suck them off, and Tina began to move her pelvis as I moved my lips back and forth just slightly. The taste, the scent, and just the very knowledge that I was tasting this intensely private part of my sister’s body were making me so more excited than I could ever remember. I moved my head slightly, so I could run my tongue down further, and I gently licked at Tina’s pussy until my tongue was at the entrance to her vagina. I ran my tongue around the opening, and the very gently probed inside, pausing, and allowing myself to taste the inner walls. Then, I ran my tongue back up between her inner lips, until I had my mouth on her clit again. “You’re really being thorough,” I heard Tina say, and I pulled my head away to speak. “Do you like it?” I asked. “It’s beautiful,” Tina said, in a breathy whisper. “I’ve heard you can make a girl come, doing this,” I said, “But I think it takes practice. I don’t think I can do it.” I smiled, but I was thinking I’d love to make Tina come with my mouth. “That’s okay,” Tina said, “We know how to make ourselves come.” Then, she added, “Don’t forget, it’s your turn next.” I smiled, but didn’t answer, and just leant back down to gently kiss Tina’s puffy inner lips, just near where they joined at the top I put my mouth over her clit and it’s hood, mainly so I could taste her there one more time, but I felt her flinch, and sensing that I must have been stimulating her clit in that position, I sucked very gently, and Tina took a shuddering breath, and her pelvis bucked, so I knew I was onto something. “That felt fantastic!” Tina said. I used my tongue again, to scoop some more of Tina’s pussy juice onto her clit, and placed my lips around it again, and moved my head back and forth, just slightly. I put my hands on Tina’s hips to hold her in place if she bucked again, and it only took a few gentle strokes with my mouth, and Tina began to squirm, and she called out, “Jason! Jason!! I think I’m gonna come!” I held her down a little more firmly with my hands, and kept I moving my head back and forth, with my lips and tongue on her clit, and she started to squirm more vigorously. Then, I heard her say, with an urgent note in her voice, “That’s so good, Jason! I can’t stand it!” then a long “Ohhhh!” sound, as she fought me, trying to lift her pelvis off the bed, and I held her down, with my face pressed into the tangy dampness of her pussy. I was determined to take Tina right through her first orgasm that wasn’t from her own hand, but as she thrust her lovely pussy into my face, lost in her own world of sweet pleasure, I felt a little burst of excitement myself. I felt Tina relaxing, but my face was still pressed into her pussy, and her thighs were clamped around my head and over my ears. What a wonderful place to be trapped! Her thighs loosened and relaxed, and I sat back, and her first words were a breathless, “You okay?” I could feel the huge smile on my face, and I said, “You’ve got no idea how good you taste,” and Tina said, “And you’ve got no idea how good that felt.” She was holding her belly like a child does sometimes when they’ve been tickled, and she said, “When I do it myself, I can control things a bit, but with you doing that, all I could do was let if happen.” She paused and took a breath, and said, “My pussy just exploded! I can hardly move.” She rolled over on her right side, still holding her belly, and pulled her legs up to her chest, then smiled softly, saying, “It’s your turn next. Just let me get my strength back. I’m tingling all over.” I lay down next to Tina, facing her, and she straightened her legs, and moved closer to me, putting her left arm around me and reaching up to my mouth with her right hand. She gently touched my lips with her hand, stroking them with her thumb a couple of times, and said, “You’re clever, you made me come with your mouth!” Tina sighed, and said, “It was so nice, with you licking and tasting me, and I could feel your breath and everything, and I’m thinking, like ‘He can do this all night, this is excellent!” She took a soft, but deep breath, and continued, “And then you started sucking on my clitty, and WHAM! Everything just started going crazy down there!” She finished with a sigh. I slid my left arm underneath Tina’s shoulders, and put my right around her, and we lay there, cuddled together, me fully dressed, and Tina completely naked, for a few minutes, while she got back to normal, then she said, “Now, it’s your turn, Jace. You still want me to go down on you, don’t you?” I nodded, and said, “Yeah.” I was horny, and wanted to come, but I would have been happy to engage in a dual wank, like we did the week before, now that the ice was broken in that department. Tina sat up, and moved between my legs. “These will have to come off,” she said, undoing the buckle on my belt, and unclipping the stud on my jeans. Tina unzipped my fly and I lifted my bottom for her to slide my jeans and underpants off, and down my legs. She dropped them on the floor, and turned to my erect cock. Believe it or not, I suddenly felt awkward, with her looking at my equipment, even after the intimacy of touching her pussy, and having lain there with her fully naked, as we had done, but she said, “Look at that!” Tina touched my cock with right hand, and gently wrapped it around, as she had done with her left hand last week, when she had her brief turn at wanking me, and she smiled. She stroked her dry hand up and down a few times, just holding my cock gently, so there was no friction, and said, “I can’t believe it’s so hard.” The gentle rubbing felt wonderful, and she looked at my face, and said, “I remember those times we went skinny-dipping when I was ten, and when I walked in on you in the shower a couple of times, it was soft. It looks so different!” Tina put her head down to my cock, and let go of it with her hand, and said, “I’ve only seen this on videos, so I hope I do it okay.” She moistened her lips, and gently kissed the head of my cock, and, smiling, she said, “I made that move up. They never do that on videos.” Then, she licked the head of my cock like it was an ice-cream cone. That felt exquisite. After a couple of licks, Tina put her lips over the sensitive head of my cock, taking the whole head in her mouth, and she moved her head up and down on it, but taking only the head. That was almost excruciatingly good, and I started to squirm my pelvis, unable to keep still. Tina lifted her head, and said, “Is that good?” She smiled, knowing the answer. “Almost too good,” I answered, my voice wavering a little. Tina smiled, and went back to what she was doing, just taking the head of my cock in her mouth, and moving her lips up and down, wet with her saliva. The feeling was like a mixture of wanking and being tickled at the same time, and it built up so suddenly, that even though it was good, it was too good, and I had to say, “Stop! Stop! I can’t stand it, either!” Tina lifted her head again, smiling, and said, “Sen-si-tive, are we? Just wait till I get the whole thing in my mouth. I might have to ring an ambulance.” She shuffled her bottom around, still on her knees, her head down near my cock, so her bottom and her pussy were now near my left shoulder. “This is making me so wet, Jason, just feel me.” I looked at Tina’s pussy, and I could see that it was puffy, and glistening with moisture. I’ll be honest here, one of my favourite images to wank over is a picture of a girl from behind, on her knees, head down, arse up, so her pussy is open and exposed like that, and it’s all the better if its juiced up and glistening with fluid, and here was Tina, presenting her pussy exactly like that to me, and going down on my cock at the same time. I reached up, and gently touched Tina between her inner lips, and then probed the very entrance to her pussy with the first finger of my left hand, and said, “You are wet.” Very gently, I finger-fucked her, but only up to the second knuckle, knowing she was a virgin, and although she was snug, it was very slippery inside. Tina went back to sucking the head of my cock, but she was being more gentle this time, and it felt great, but I was able to control myself better. I pulled my finger from her pussy and tasted the juice on it, and then put my hand up to continue gently caressing my sister’s pussy, which was pulled wide open by the position she was in. By now, Tina had a little more of my cock in her mouth, and I knew that if this kept on, I would probably come before long. The familiar sensations were getting stronger, but the feeling was different just the same, because I wasn’t in control of the whole thing, like I was when I wanked myself. I thought I should warn Tina that she wasn’t far off getting a mouthful of come, if things continued this way. “Tina,” I said, my voice higher than normal, “Um, Tina,” I said, bringing my voice down to the correct note, “I think I’m gonna come soon,” but my voice still had a strained sound. Tina nodded, but kept her mouth on my cock, stroking her head up and down. Although she’d never done this before, she seemed to like it, and her pussy was soaking with her fluids. Tina lifted her head off my cock, and turned to look at me, as I gently caressed and fondled her slippery, wet pussy lips with my left hand, and she said, “This is making me really excited.” She glanced back towards her pussy, and looked back at me, and said, “You know what I mean by excited, don’t you?” “I’ve got a fair idea,” I answered, looking over at her open pussy, to my left, then back at her. I licked her juice off my fingers, while she was looking at me. She licked her lips. “I’ve got an idea, too,” Tina said, “Let’s do it.” She looked at me, waiting for my response. “Do it?” I said, thinking, she can’t mean having sex. “I mean, having sex, Jason,” Tina said, seriously, “Fucking.” I had never heard Tina say “fucking “ in my life, but my answer was, “Um, we’ve got no, umm,” pausing, “condoms.” Another stammering pause, “You could get, um, pregnant.” “My period’s dues next week, so I’m safe,” Tina answered, and then she added, brightly, “We could be each other’s first, and if it’s not really brilliant the first time, it doesn’t matter, because it’s just us.” She smiled, and said, “What do you think?” I wanted to do this, but it was a pretty big step, bigger than fooling around touching her pussy, exciting as that was, but before I could answer, Tina said, “You can feel how horny I am.” She glanced back at my rampant cock, and said, “I could just about jump on this thing and help myself at the moment.” “They say it’s not always good the first time, for a girl,” I said, “and, um,” as close as we were, I was stammering because it was awkward for me to say this, “bleeding and stuff.” Tina moved up and lay next to me again, on my left, as before, and said, “In Sex Education, they said some girls who touch themselves a lot don’t always bleed the first time, or if they ride pushbikes and stuff.” She kissed me on the mouth, softly, and said, “I do both,” then kissed me again, paused, and said, “Let’s just make love to each other, and see what it’s like.” I was practically exploding with excitement, and Tina lay back on the bed, totally naked as she was, while I turned on my left side, naked from the waist down. I started by moving over to kiss Tina’s soft, sweet mouth, holding the kiss while I fondled her left nipple. After kissing her mouth, I moved back and kissed her right nipple, giving it a gentle lick with my tongue while my lips were around it. I drew back, and Tina was watching me expectantly, saying nothing, but as I moved down to give her pussy a little last minute attention before it was fucked for the first time, she tugged at the hem of my shirt and said, “Take your shirt off . Let’s both be naked for this.” I unbuttoned my polo shirt, and peeled it over my head, dropping it on the floor with the rest of our clothing. Tina smiled sweetly as I moved back towards her pussy, and I leant down and kissed her gently on her belly, then put my face near her pussy, inhaling the scent one more exciting time. I kissed her twice, once in the centre of her pubic hair, and then again at the top of her slit, then I ran my finger up her open slit, and licked the juice from it, making eye contact with Tina as I did so. I moved between Tina’s legs, and I gazed down her pussy, which was open, the inner lips puffy, wet, and ready for my cock to enter. The entrance to her pussy was pouting just slightly, and I inserted the first finger of my right hand, gently pushing it in a few strokes until it was right inside her. I had never put my cock inside a girl’s pussy before, and I was only guided by instinct, but I withdrew my finger, and lay down on Tina, taking the weight on my left elbow, and used my hand to guide the head of my cock to her entrance. “You okay?” Tina whispered, “Will it go in okay?” I nodded. I was nervous, but unbelievably excited, and I smeared some of Tina’s copious pussy juice on the head of my hard cock, and brought it to entrance, and gently pushed a little. She seemed to flinch slightly, and I had no idea how much resistance there would be, but the head of my cock went in more easily than I expected. I now had the head of my cock inside my sister’s pussy, and I stroked back and forward a tiny amount, just fucking her with the head only. Tina took a sharp breath, and whispered, said, “You’re inside me, Jace” Instinctively, I seemed to want to start thrusting my cock, but at the same time I was aware this was Tina’s first time, and so I needed to be gentle, so I moved my cock back and forth, just going in a little deeper each time, as the walls of her pussy hugged more of my cock with each movement. Tina must have thought I was having trouble, but the truth was I half-expected it to hurt her if I started pushing too hard, and she said, “Just push a little harder,” and I said, “I don’t wan to push too hard in case it hurts you.” “It’s not hurting at all, Jace,” she said, a half smile on her face, “It actually feels good, just push it right in, I’ll tell you if it hurts.” I followed Tina’s advice, and gave a harder push, and I started work my cock deeper inside her with each push. After a few harder strokes, I could feel that my cock was right inside her. The fit was tight and snug, but Tina was very wet inside, and my hard cock had little trouble in moving back and forth. “I think I’m all the way inside,” I said. “I know you’re all the way inside,” Tina answered, “I can feel it.” She moved her head up to kiss my mouth, as I thrust my cock gently inside her pussy, and after a coupe of sweet kisses, she took a breath and said, “This feels really fantastic, doesn’t it?” “Yeah,” I said, as the walls of Tina’s pussy hugged my cock lovingly, “It does, it really feels good.” “I don’t know if I’ll come,” Tina said, looking me in the eyes as we fucked, but when you want to come, just go for it, okay?” She took another breath, said, “Just go for it.” “What if I hurt you?’ I said, keeping the same rhythm. “Just do it as hard as you like, and I’ll tell you if anything’s wrong,” Tina smiled, and with her arms around my back, hugging me, she squeezed tighter. I changed my position a little, and started to thrust harder, faster and a little deeper, and Tina’s eyes widened, and she said, “Jason, that’s good, that’s beautiful!” Her chest shuddered, and she said, “Keep doing it like that!” and took a deep breath through her mouth, and said, “Something happened when you moved. It suddenly got better.” She wasn’t moving her own pelvis, but was just letting me thrust into her, and holding me to her with her arms. I was now thrusting fairly vigorously, and the feeling of my cock moving inside Tina’s pussy was amazing. I wanted to come, and I knew I could have just let it happen, but Tina’s reaction when I changed my position made me think that if I held on a little longer, she might come as well. “Do you want me to do it harder?” I asked. “Just the way you are,” Tina answered, sounding a little breathless, “It feels so good,, not just in my pussy, but all over.” She moved her arms behind my head, and pulled my head down, and kissed me deeply, lips parted, a hot and sexy kiss that added to my excitement, and said, “Kiss me, Jason, kiss me while you’re doing it!” Tina and I fucked like that for a minute or so longer, kissing hard, as I thrust my cock into her pussy, our bodies united at our mouths and our pelvises. We were both experiencing the intense pleasure of fucking another person for the first time, and I knew I was close to coming, whether I had satisfied Tina’s needs or not. I could no longer help myself, as my body strove towards the release that it craved, but there was no time to be disappointed, only time to enjoy my orgasm. Then, suddenly, Tina seemed to jerk her head back, and widen her eyes, and she cried out, “Jason! I think I’m gonna… … “ She didn’t finish, but she started making that whimpering, “Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh,” sound she had made when she came by touching herself, then as I continued thrusting, hardly believing it was happening, Tina closed her eyes, and with her head tossed back, said, “Oh, GOD!!” squeezing me tighter with her arms around my back. That was it for me, as Tina’s pussy contracted on my hard, thrusting cock, my own orgasm burst, and I felt myself coming inside my sister, spurt after spurt, each one accompanied by a liquid bolt of pure, sweet pleasure. I don’t know how many times my cock spurted inside Tina, but after those few moments of ecstasy, I relaxed, and Tina was breathing hard, with her eyes half closed, and she said, “That was incredible.” “I didn’t think you’d come,” I said, breathing a little heavily myself, “you surprised me.” “You surprised me,” Tina replied, “making me come like that, on your first time, too!” I had to lie down, so I rolled over onto Tina’s left side, and she said, “I think it was because I was so excited, from coming before, and then going down on you. That made me really horny.” She turned over, onto her belly, and snuggled up to me, with her right arm over my chest and added, “Then, when you changed your position a bit, inside me, it just felt amazing, and I couldn’t help coming!” Then, Tina’s face fell, and she put her hand down between her legs, “Oh,” she said, “I’m leaking. There’s a flood down there!” She giggled, and added, “More laundry in the morning.” Tina and I lay there for a while longer, totally naked, totally satisfied, and then Tina said, “You know what?” “What’s that?” I asked. “You and I aren’t virgins any more,” Tina said, quietly, “but neither of us can tell anyone we’ve lost our cherries. Funny isn’t it?” “Yeah,” I said, smiling, “If it was with anybody else, I’d be telling all my friends tomorrow, but I can’t tell anyone.” “Our secret,” Tina said. Then, after a moment’s thought, she said, “Although if you drop off to sleep in here, it won’t be a secret much longer if Mum comes home.” She kissed me again, softly and gently on the mouth, holding the kiss, and said, “I hate to kick you out, but you need to be in your bed when Mum comes home. Can’t take any chances.” She smiled as I got up, naked, and picked up my clothes from the floor. As I walked from her room, Tina said, “This is not over.” I went to my room, tossed my clothes in a heap, and climbed into my own bed, still with the faint taste of pussy on my lips. Two Fridays had come and gone, and a lot had happened in our house, yet outside those walls, no-one would have suspected a thing. I had to wonder if things would ever be the same

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