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Taksim escort Tasha sat in her room and fingered herself hard. She was rubbing her G-spot with one hand and rubbing
her perky breasts with the other. At 34 she had a good body, slender with nice tits and blonde hair. She
was just about to cum when a knock on her door stopped her. ‘Jenny?’ She asked, gently rubbing her clit.
‘No. It’s Milly’ was the reply. ‘Okay, one second’ I replied, pulling on my jeans and a top in record time. I
opened the door to my 13 year old daughter. She was hot, with DD breasts and jet black hair and a slim
body. ‘Mum can I ask you something?’ She said, stepping into my room. ‘Yeah sure, what’s up?’ I replied.
Milly explained that a friend of hers had said that she had fingered herself whilst watching porn, and that
Milly was kind of curious about the hole thing. ‘Oh, well it’s totally natural to do that.’ I replied. ‘Yeah, but I
don’t really know who to’ Replied Milly. I suggested I showed her, and she agreed.

We both got naked and lay down on my bed. ‘Now, just put your finger on your pussy’ I said, and she
copied my as I did. ‘Now, try rubbing it up and down.’ I said, and she gave a moan of pleasure as she did.
Another knock on my door. I knew it couldn’t be Milly so I said come in. My 16 year old son walked in.
‘Oh’ He said, ‘since when is she, you know?’ he said. ‘Since right now. Don’t worry sweetie. Jack, come
back in a second, yeah?’ I said. He left and I continued to help Milly. Now, stick a finger inside. She did.
Soon I had her gasping as she pumped a hand in and out of her pussy. I was doing the same, one hand
in my pussy the other guiding Milly’s hand. I fingered my clit whilst a pool of juices puddled on the bed
sheet. I looked under Milly’s arse and saw the same. ‘Mum… I feel… Oh GOD!’ She said as her hips
started bucking. ‘You’re gonna cum, it’s okay’ I said as I crouched down by her pussy. She squirted hard
into myface. A waterfall of Jizz. ‘Wow Honey’ I said, trying to catch it in my mouth. ‘OH MY GOD! FUCK
THAT WAS AMAZING’ Milly said, sitting up. I stood up and kissed her, before taking her hand and
leading her out of my room.

We were greeted with a reception of cheers as the rest of the familly stood naked infront of us. Milly tried
to cover herself as she looked in amazement at her father (36) her Brother and and her two sisters (14
and 15).

‘Don’t worry hon, we all fuck as a family, infact a lot of our neighbours do too.’ Milly stood in amazement.
‘I am so horny right now’ She said. ‘Great! FuckFest!’ Shouted Jack. Minnie and Hannah grinned and my
husband grabbed his cock. ‘Now Minnie, do you know how to please a man?’ I asked, she said no. So I
told my husband and Jack to stand side by side. Milly copied me, kneeling down infront of her brother. I
started stroking Dan’s cock and Minny followed. I took Dan’s cock in my mouth and started to suck him. I
looked to see Minnie doing the same. She was a natural. I could hear my two girls going at it with
eachother. Dan and Jack were both moaning in pleasure as we blue them. They shot their loads into our
mouths. ‘Well done Milly, you’re amazing at that’ gasped Jack. Milly stood up and kissed me, swapping
Jack’s cum between us. Our tounges danced and the cum was shared.

I told Milly to Get down on her knees with her arse up . The girls came over and sat infront of us with their
legs open. I felt someone enter me from behind and saw Jack smiling at me. Dan had entered Milly. Jack
began pumping my pussy, and I started licking Hannah’s pussy. She was kissing Minnie as Milly was
eating her out. Jack’s cock felt amazing and looking up to see my two daughters kissing was making me
so horny. I rubbed my clit as Jack pumped me in and out, rubbing my G-spot. I groaned in unison with
Hannah as we both felt intense pressure. I tounged and kissed Hannah’s pussy unttil she came, and I
lapped it up. ‘Oh God Dad YEES!’ Milly shouted as I leand over her and kissed her, swapping Hannah’s
sweet cum.

Milly started bucking as she came, flooding the floor. ‘Wow, Milly can cum a bit!’ Shouted her father. ‘Milly.
would you like to try in the arse?’ Dan asked. She said yes and he spread her cheeks apart. I leaned
over and dribbled Hannah’s cum all over Milly’s arse as lube. I got up and kissed my son as Hannah
came up behind me. She kissed my neck and guided Jack’s cock into my pussy. I wrapped my legs
around him and rode he cock as Hannah sucked on his balls. Minnie crawled up to Milly and kissed her
as her father pounded her arsehole.

‘Oh, God, YES!’ She screamed as she rubbed her clit and felt her dad pump her in the arse. Jack’s cock
felt so good in my pussy as I rode him. ‘oh God mum, fuck me harder’ he begged so I kissed him and
tounged him and rode him harder. Hannah sat back and fingered herself to the whole familly fucking. I
came hard, showering Minnie in my cum. ‘OH GOD YEESS! I screamed as waves of pleasure surged
through me. I got down from Jack just as Milly came again. ‘YES!! DAD! YESSSS!’ she cried as she
flooded his cock. he came too and me and all the girls sucked off Jack. He groaned as he blew his load
over all of us. We all kissed and shared the cum. ‘Three Cheers for Milly! I said. We all cheered and
kissed one another.

‘Thanks guys, it was soooo goood. I felt sooo fucking horny for all of that.!’ ‘That’s fine’ I said, ‘and now
we never have to wear clothes again. This is going to a fucking good summer!’ I shouted and we all
It really was.

Feel free to comment on any issues or improvements I could make in the next chapter!!!

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